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The safari starts at the Hamata marina. We are going to target the Zabargad Island (former name was St. John's Island) that emerges from the depth of 7-800 meters and the Rocky Island that is hardly more than 7 km. Zabargad is the biggest island in the region with its 4,5 square kilometer area. Its origin is not volcanic but it was emerged by two tectonic table impact say the geologists. Highest point is 235 meter. The island is surrounded by reefs that walls go down to several hundred meters. We can find a wreck in the western bay. It was a Russian Moma class (Project 861) scout ship. In the Southern part where the boats set anchor the seabed is sandy and slowly deepen. In this very point we can find several coral towers that are ideal for a pleasant dive both day and night. In the Northern part of the Rocky Island we can plan a very fast drift dive. In the Eastern and South-Eastern part we can find a shark theater where we can meet several different species. In the Fury Shoal reef we visit the Dolphin Reef where we have the chance to dive accompanied by dolphins. During the trip we will dive in very deep places and will meet strong currents. The diving in these places require experience with at least 50 logged dives and AOWD certification. If you don't have NITROX practice that could be very useful you can learn it on the boat during the safari.

1.day: Leaving from Hamata marina in the morning

  • Check dive at Marsa Wadi Lahami Diving at the Lahami reef in the afternoon Leaving for the Zabarghad Island.

2.day: Early diving at the Rocky Island Northern part

  • Diving at the Rocky Island after the breakfast Eastern part Diving at the Rocky Island in the afternoon - Southern part Night dive at the Zabargad Island – Southern part.

3.day: Early divind at the Zabargad Island - Eastern part

  • Diving at the Zabargad Island - Western part, Russian wreck Leaving for the Ras Banashoz in the afternoon Night dive at the Ras Banas reef

4.day: Early diving at the White Rock

  • Diving at the Horseshoe Reef after the breakfast Diving at the Mikauwa island in the afternoon Leaving for the Fury Shoal reef Night dive at the Fury Shoal reef.

5.day: Early dive at the Dolphin Reef

  • Diving at Shaab Sabila after the breakfast Diving at the Erg Abu Diab or at the Tug wreck in the afternoon Night dive at the Siyul Island.

6.day: Diving at the Showarit Island in the morning • Snorkeling, swimming, lunch at the Showarit Island • Arriving to Hamata marina in the afternoon.